Kailos Genetics approved to test human DNA for personalized medicine, al.com feature

News Outlet: 
The Huntsville Times, al.com
Date published: 
August 12, 2013
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Huntsville biotechnology company Kailos Genetics is expanding its capabilities in the emerging science of personal medicine in a move to grow both the company and Huntsville’s biotechnology sector.
“All of the underpinnings are there” for biotech to join space and defense as key foundations of Huntsville’s economy, Kailos Chief Strategy Officer Mike Walters said in an Aug. 6 interview at the company's laboratories in the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.
Walters said Kailos - the name means "well-being" in Greek - passed “a turning point” in its development this summer when it was certified as a registered CLIA lab. CLIA stands for Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments, the standards laboratories must meet to receive and analyze human DNA samples. Kailos is now ready to receive its first human sample, Walters said.
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