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TransOMIC, HudsonAlpha's newest resident associate company, featured in The Huntsville Times

News Outlet: 
The Huntsville Times
Date published: 
August 22, 2012

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- Huntsville's HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology has launched a biotech company to serve the booming market in genetic research. Transomic Technologies is the 22nd company housed, started or incubated atHudsonAlpha since the institute opened in Huntsville in 2007. Like most of the others, it has its roots in breakthroughs in gene knowledge and the ongoing search for more breakthroughs.

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transOMIC technologies targets rapid commercialization of next-generation research tools

Biotechnology company joins roster of residents at HudsonAlpha

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --“We’re here to support researchers across the life sciences through provision of specific, reliable and cost effective tools,” said Blake Simmons, chief executive officer of newly launched transOMIC technologies.
Those tools are products for gene manipulation and include new and state-of-the-art RNA interference (RNAi) collections for gene knockdown, large libraries of genes for over-expression and innovative products for RNAi screening. The company’s business model is based on commercializing products like these created through collaboration with leading research labs thus providing worldwide access to new technologies. The company plans to expand its portfolio through continued acquisition of new technology.

Biogen Idec Announces Collaboration with Leading Research Institutions to Sequence Genomes of Patients with ALS

Labs at HudsonAlpha and Duke University to Lead Research Consortium

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HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology joins genetic fight against ALS

by Lee Roop

at The Huntsville Times

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IDair's fingerprint technology making identification more secure

News Outlet: 
The Huntsville Times
Date published: 
June 20, 2012

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- Forget the key card to your office building? Just wave your hand at the door, and you're in. "You don't have to stop at a station. Nobody checks your ID. You just walk through," explains Clemson-educated physicist Joel Burcham of his new Huntsville company called IDair.
IDair makes a machine that Burcham says can photographically capture a fingerprint from as far away as six meters in enough detail to match against a database. Add facial and iris-recognition technology, Burcham said, and you have the basis for a good biometrics system that can control access to any building or room within a building.
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HudsonAlpha — Nature Conference on Immunogenomics

Scheduled October 1-3 at the Jackson Center, adjacent to HudsonAlpha

The first HudsonAlpha-Nature Conference on Immunogenomics will bring together four areas to shape this emerging field: scientists in genomics and genetics, immunology, bioinformatics and methodology, and clinical research. Invited talks will cover a range of topics:

Kailos Genetics announces “Early Adopter” release of TargetRich™ CRX Kit at AACR

TargetRich sets new expectations in targeted enrichment with fast, scalable, single tube work flow in next generation sequencing

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Kailos Genetics announced that it introduced the “Early Adopter” version of the TargetRich CRX Kit during AACR. This version of the TargetRich CRX kit provides researchers targeted enrichment of the coding region of the ten genes most commonly studied in cancer research, but does not include the proprietary Kailos Blue™ bioinformatics tool that is a part of the final launch product.

Serina Therapeutics awarded multiple patents for its polymer drug delivery technology

HUNTSVILLE -- Serina Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical research and development company, announced the company was awarded two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering its polymer technology.

The patents entitled “Multi-armed forms of activated polyoxazoline and methods of synthesis thereof” (U.S. Patent No. 8,088,884) and “Multifunctional forms of polyoxazoline copolymers and drug compositions comprising the same” (U.S. Patent No. 8,110,651) cover the synthesis and composition of new scaffolds of polyoxazolines for the delivery of different types of drug molecules.

Diagnostic process from Diatherix improves patient care and lowers hospital costs

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Date published: 
February 19, 2012

Kettering Medical Center has realized a positive financial impact of $3.7 million in the past year as the result of a change in standard operating proceures using a new innovative testing technology that diagnoses a wide variety of infectious diseases faster and more accurately than traditional testing. 

"This unique diagnostic technology allows us to diagnose patients faster, and the faster we can provide treatment the faster our patients heal," said Carol Quinter, Ph.D., Director of Kettering Laboratory Clinical Services and Technical Director of DIATHERIX Laboratory at Kettering Medical Center. "This technology, developed by DIATHERIX Laboratories, is a game changer for the healthcare industry. Hospital savings are directly tied to reducing patient infection rates, decreasing the days patients need to be kept in isolation and prescribing fewer antibiotics."

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Kailos Genetics offers early access to TargetRich for researchers

Kailos Genetics announced today that it will provide the research market early access to TargetRich, its proprietary targeted enrichment method based on Nested Patch PCR to enrich genomic regions of interest for next generation sequencing.

HudsonAlpha receives architectural design award

The Associated Builders and Contractors North Alabama Chapter recognized McMillian Park with an Award of Excellence for 2011. Each year, ABC receives nominations for construction projects completed in various categories and acknowledges those at the top of each category. An ABC excellence in construction award is one of the highest honors a contractor can receive and it is the only award that recognizes the unique partnership between all the members of a project team:  contractors, owners, architects and engineers.  McMillian Park, nominated by 4Site Inc. and Fuqua & Partners, was recognized for architectural design, projects ranging from $1 to $5 million.   Pictured left to right, Gregg Tyree, operations director HudsonAlpha Institute, Lonnie McMillian, co-founder HudsonAlpha; and Jerry Cargile, principal, 4Site Inc.

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